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Japanese Clouds Strategy, The Ultimate details


The Japanese Clouds trading strategy would be really a system which incorporates three technical studies from the creation of buy and sells alerts i.e. Forex-breakout-box. Ex4, Forex-mt4-trend-indicator and ForexCloud.ex4 custom indicator.

Introduction of Japanese Clouds trading strategy:

Even the Forex-mt4-trend-indicator is really just a personalized index which unites an arrow along with also candlestick in delivering sell or buy trading alerts like bars. When the blur is reddish and sits over price pubs, it finds a bearish tendency, although it sits under cost pubs and finds a tendency if it’s green. Even the Japanese Clouds looks like a cloud-based how it sits above or below price bars.

Even the Forex-breakout-box acts as a zone which defines selling cost management, upward or as such if price breaks out of the box downward, then the trend is reportedly bearish or bullish. Even the Forex-mt4-trend-indicator may also serve as an indicator for measuring reversals.

Japanese Clouds strategy Buy trading rules:

  • When the blue upward-pointing candle and arrow like bars of the Forex-mt4-trend-indicator types below cost pubs, it impacts a bullish trend.
  • Look out for upwards price breakout from within the Forex-breakout-box custom made indicator.
  • In the event the sprinkled lime coloured stretched rectangle shaped Japanese Clouds indicator types below value tag pubs, it hence indicates a northward cost action.

Stop reduction for Long Entry: Bring a horizontal line just beneath your entry candle onto the upper sprinkled lime coloured line of the Japanese Clouds custom index.

Take Profit on Buy Entry: Regulations or conditions Will Specify an efficient Outlet or Make the Most strategy:

  • When a red southwards facing arrow of these Forex-mt4-trend-indicator types previously mentioned cost bars, an exit should be viewed.
  • If selling value breaks under the Forex-breakout-box customized index, consider an exit/take profit from receptive order(s).
  • When the sprinkled red coloured stretched rectangle shaped Japanese Clouds index forms above price bars, a change in price is imminent.

Very long Entrance Guidelines Initiate a purchase entry if the Subsequent chart/indicator Routine (s) Come at display:

Japanese Clouds strategy buy signal
Japanese Clouds strategy buy signal

Japanese Clouds strategy Sell trading rules:

Input a sell order when the following indicator/chart pattern(s) are displayed onto the Monitor :

  • When a red southwards confronting candle and arrow such as pubs of the Forex-mt4-trend-indicator forms over value pubs, then a market will be in order.
  • If price breaks below the Forex-breakout-box custom indicator, start a sell position(s).
  • If the sprinkled reddish coloured elongated rectangle-shaped Japanese Clouds index forms over price tag pubs, this suggests downward price pressures.

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Stop Decline for Sell Entry: Bring a horizontal line just above your Entrance candle on the Low dotted red coloured Distinct This Japanese Clouds custom Index.

Take Profit for Sell Entry: Your own exit will be defined by These requirements or choose earnings approach:

  • Once the gloomy upwards pointing arrow of the Forex-mt4-trend-indicator kinds below value bars, a change will be triggered so that as this type of outlet ought to be considered.
  • Look out for up price breakout from inside the Forex-breakout-box custom index
  • If the sprinkled lime coloured elongated rectangle-shaped Japanese Clouds index types below cost pubs, this thus signals a change in tendency so that as this type of exit needs to be considered.
Japanese Clouds strategy sell signal
Japanese Clouds strategy sell signal


*Strategy work on bot system in Metatrader4 platform. Try with demo account 1st for practice.


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Characteristics of the Japanese Clouds strategy :

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any
  • Trading Time: Recommended European and American sessions
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Recommended broker: XMFXTM.

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