How to Trade Forex on a Major News Release


Have you ever wondered why markets move so much before a news release? Quite simply, it’s because of massive amount of traders are entering or exiting based on the news release and these traders want to do so at the price they feel is best. This causes a relatively large move immediately following a news release.

News trading often brings the biggest moves of the month. Because of this, it’s no wonder that trader’s seek out high importance news events to try and catch a big move. However, if you don’t have a solid plan for trading the upcoming event, you’re likely better off not trading at all. Here is a plan to make sure you’re ready when a big move comes your way.

Now, trading the news is exciting. However, it’s also risky due to the large moves that follow a news release and because of these moves you need to be well prepared ahead of time if you’re interested in trading around big news events. First, it’s important to cover how to know when a big news event is coming out.

To find the news that will most likely move the market, you should adjust the filter to only see High Importance events so that your calendar isn’t flooded with news that has little probability in moving the market. Once the filter is applied, you can begin looking for news events on currencies that you’re trying to find good opportunities in.



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